With “Reconsidered”, New Balance Steps into the Resale Game, Offering Second Chances for Sneakers and Sustainability

New Balance launches its resale platform, "Reconsidered," offering pre-owned gems, trade-in options, and a sustainable edge. Shop, swap, and step into a greener future.

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New Balance just dropped a game-changer in the sustainability arena with its brand new “Reconsidered” resale platform. This isn’t your average pre-owned marketplace – it’s a chance to give your gently worn New Balances a second life, snag some unique finds at a discount, and contribute to a greener future for the footwear industry.

Picture this: you’ve got a pair of trusty New Balances that have served you well, but they’re ready for a new adventure. With “Reconsidered,” you can easily trade them in via mail or at select stores (more on that later!). In return, you’ll receive a voucher to use towards your next New Balance purchase, its value based on the seasonality and condition of your trade-in. It’s a win-win: declutter your closet, score some savings, and reduce waste.

“Reconsidered” also offers a curated selection of pre-owned New Balance shoes, including consumer returns and cosmetically imperfect pairs that wouldn’t be sold as new. These shoes have been thoroughly cleaned and inspected, ensuring you get quality footwear at a fraction of the original price. Think hidden gems, limited editions, and classic styles – all with a sustainable twist.

We know the footwear industry has a significant environmental impact,” says John Stokes, Director of Sustainability at New Balance. “Launching Reconsidered is one piece of the puzzle with a program objective to help extend product life and get the most from what is already made.

And New Balance isn’t just talking the talk – they’re walking the walk. “Reconsidered” is part of a broader sustainability push that includes ambitious goals like reducing emissions, sourcing renewable energy, and using eco-friendly materials. They’re even partnering with innovative companies like Archive and Tersus Solutions to ensure a smooth and responsible resale experience.

Ready to join the movement? Head over to newbalancereconsidered.com to browse the selection and trade in your old kicks. Remember, the in-store trade-in program is currently piloting at eight locations in the U.S, but it’s expanding soon, so keep an eye out!

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