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On to Plant Roots in Portland with Largest U.S. Store Opening

Swiss brand On celebrates its Portland roots with the opening of their largest US store. This flagship location showcases the brand's commitment to the city and its growing customer base.

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Swiss footwear brand On is making a significant investment in its American home, Portland, Oregon, with the opening of its largest U.S. retail store on February 24th. This move comes amidst a period of upheaval in the sneaker industry, with established giants like Nike facing challenges while newer brands like On are experiencing explosive growth.

The 3,400-square-foot store, located on NW 23rd Avenue, marks a departure from the traditional retail landscape currently facing closures. On, however, remains committed to its direct-to-consumer strategy, and this flagship store serves as a prime example.

On s'implante à Portland avec l'ouverture de son plus grand magasin aux États-Unis
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More than just a store, the new location embodies On’s brand identity and philosophy. The clean and modern aesthetic reflects the company’s Swiss roots, while the innovative “magic wall” allows for a seamless and efficient shoe-trying experience. Interactive displays further educate customers about On’s cutting-edge footwear technology.

This expansion stands in stark contrast to the recent layoffs at Nike, highlighting the shifting dynamics within the industry. Consumers are increasingly seeking unique brands and innovative products, which On is demonstrably delivering.

On’s deep roots in Portland are further emphasized by the store’s proximity to the company’s Americas headquarters. The brand, initially drawn to the city’s talent pool fostered by established sportswear giants, has grown from a handful of employees to a thriving local presence with over 260 employees.

Britt Olsen, On’s General Manager of the Americas, emphasizes the significance of the new store: “We have deep roots in this city and are committed to investing in this community. The new store reflects the dedicated community we’ve built here for the last 11 years.”

On s'implante à Portland avec l'ouverture de son plus grand magasin aux États-Unis
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The opening festivities, including a scavenger hunt-like trail run through Forest Park, further solidify On’s connection to the local running community. The brand aspires for the store to become a hub for runners, offering demo pairs and fostering a welcoming environment for exploration and product testing.

While On is expanding its retail footprint, the core focus remains unchanged, as Olsen reiterates: “We’ve been so successful for the past 13 years focusing on ourselves and the technology and innovation we’re offering. That’s what we’re going to keep focused on.”

On‘s bold move in Portland serves as a testament to the brand’s confidence and its commitment to its core values. As the industry landscape continues to evolve, On is positioned to remain a frontrunner, driven by innovation and a deep connection with its customers.

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